Suiting Warriors was established with one simple idea.

That just one suit can have an incredibly positive impact on the life of a job-seeking Veteran. One suit has the power to create a first impression that can open doors to introductions, connections, opportunities and advancement.

We are a nonprofit organization made up of Military Veteran board members, local and national business professionals, community leaders, and volunteers. We are bound by the common understanding that Veterans are in critical need of the proper tools and resources necessary to pursue careers in today’s job market.

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SW is a boutique suiting service providing upscale professional attire, wardrobe consulting, and education to transitioning service members, veterans, and their spouses on the path to a new career. Our SuitUp^ Program provides a pop-up suiting service to veteran events reaching those who are preparing to graduate, job fairs, interviews, networking events, daily career wear and formal attire. During SuitUP^ events, a SW Volunteer Stylists provide professional attire and assistance for each veterans individual fit and style preference.

SW holds its own SuitUP^ event days or collaborates with various employment, career, and educational organizations to connect our service with the transitioning veteran population. Such organizations are VSOs, ESGR, National Guard, Colleges, and Universities, private technology schools; connecting Veterans and their families with this additional tool to help for a successful transition.

The Cause...

Transitioning back into civilian life is difficult for Veterans and their families. Many Veterans face the following situational challenges after being discharged from the Military:

Health issues
Lack of vehicle
Incomplete college education


The Effect...

Veterans must wait at least 3 years before receiving Military benefits, making healthy transitions much more difficult. All of these situational challenges can often lead to:

Family hardship
Financial challenges
Alcoholism/Drug abuse


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When my cousin Jimmy (2nd Battalion, 2nd Marines, “Warlords”) separated from the military we knew it was going to be a difficult transition. We never imagined we’d be attending his funeral six months after his separation from the military and only one week after he re-enrolled at Penn State University. After the funeral service, I had the privilege to speak with some of Jimmy’s Marine buddies who attended the service and family luncheon. I wondered why they were not wearing their Military Dress Blues. When asked, they talked about their financial difficulties since being discharged from the military. Not one of them owned a set of dress blues or even a suit. I found this to be extremely disturbing. My family experienced many difficulties during Jimmy’s transition to civilian life, as did Jimmy. Horrific events of the war consumed his mind. Privately, he spoke of friends he lost, and friends who are now disabled.

With these images and thoughts constantly on his mind, he found it difficult to sleep or concentrate and was also diagnosed with PTSD. Jimmy went to sleep on June 5, 2010, and never woke up.

With the painful loss of Jimmy still fresh in my mind, and after hearing similar stories from his fellow ‘Warlords’, I knew something had to be done. By combining my skill-sets and personal experience in the men’s custom clothier field, and fueled by Jimmy and the stories from the young Marines, a vision was conceived. I wanted to provide a service, to help Veterans in transition, in order to ensure they had the proper tools to succeed in the civilian sector. Propelled by passion and driven by desire, my vision soon became a reality. That reality is now called Suiting Warriors.

Helping a Veteran lessen transitional obstacles allows for both personal growth and a positive outlook. Both of these attributes help Veterans to persevere. Being dressed for success improves a person’s attitude and instills confidence, thereby helping them to create a solid first impression within that new opportunity. Keep in mind that thousands of Veterans are in the transition process at this very moment and they are living in your communities. Your support will help a Veteran, their families, and the community they inhabit, to grow and to prosper.  I urge you to contribute in any way you can. Please make a contribution Suiting Warriors today. Help a Veteran to suit up for success!

In Memory 9/26/86 – 6/5/10.

Thank you for your support.

Star Lotta

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