By assisting Veterans in their transition to the workforce, we’re enhancing their quality of life and, subsequently, strengthening our nation and its society.

Your contribution helps create an impact in a Veterans life and their decision to pursue a new career. We call this impact investing, as it provides strong financial returns in the form of heavily increased opportunities for Veterans to advance their lives.

The impact of your investment on...


We provide Veterans with foundational tools to increase their personal confidence and financial stability; thereby helping them transition back into the civilian work force. Our assistance also helps to preserve families, bolstering communities’ sense of accomplishment, reducing the rate of homelessness/suicide and stimulating our local & national economies.


Corporate America benefits from SW and its Veterans through increased engagement at job fairs, higher visibility in communities, corporate tax benefits (WOTC), positive PR from community involvement and public outreach platforms, branding as military-ready employers/advocates, increased employee talent, leading to better customer retention.


Veterans are a potential workforce multiplier for your company, possessing core competencies that consistently fall within the top 10 employer desired attributes: leadership, teamwork, discipline, communication, adaptability, responsibility, critical thinking, problem solving, professionalism and commitment. The potential ROI is very high from a cost/benefit analysis.

How to invest...

The mission of SW is to strengthen the lives of individuals, families, communities and the nation.
There are a number of ways that companies can invest in helping us accomplish that goal:

Your gift of a donation to SW is tax deductible. You can set a one-time or recurring donation by clicking the button below and proceeding through PayPal. Or, a donation can be made by mailing a check to:

Suiting Warriors
P.O. Box 1649, Leland, NC 28451

Suiting Warriors Foundation is a 501c3 organization. EIN/Tax ID: 46-4059622

Donate Now

Matching gifts is an easy way to make an impact investment to SW. Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees, including match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses. Or your HR or accounting office may be able to set up a re-occuring deduction from your pay check to charity, which is tax deductible. Many of our donors use Benevity’s Workplace Giving and YourCause Global Network For Good.

Tax I.D. 46-4059622

Suiting Warriors, P.O. Box 1649, Leland, NC 28451

For questions email:

When making a gift of securities you can avoid capital gains on appreciated properties, divest your portfolio of under-performing stocks and preserve your cash for other important needs while helping the thousands of Veterans served by Suiting Warriors. For example, SW is recognized by Schwab Charitable.

If you would like to make a large monetary donation, transfer stock or mutual funds, please contact or call 484-463-7668.

» Get community recognition and become a company donor.

» Sponsor the Mobile Suiting Unit to come to your town for a Veteran SuitUp^ Event Day hosted by your local military/veteran friendly facility or college/university campus.

» Be an Annual Event Sponsor.

» Hold a Workplace/Corporate Suit Drive.

It is necessary to receive written approval from SW before engaging in any activity that makes use of the Suiting Warriors brand. Please complete the form below to initiate the request for your fundraising effort.

The most satisfying feeling one can have is to love what you do and have it benefit others. Your business partnerships can help connect people and assist others at a distance. Here are some ways you can help us make connections and expand our reach in providing our service to more Veterans.

» Donate Travel. Since our mission is mobile, most SuitUp^ Events require us to travel to meetings with those in charge of planning and is a big part of our operational cost.  To help support our business connections, you can donate your airline miles, train and hotel points* or gas cards to Suiting Warriors.

*If you are donating points, please first contact your airline, Amtrak, hotel organization to determine their charity gifting policy. Then contact your tax advisor for more information on your donation to Suiting Warriors. Suiting Warriors is a 501 c 3 organization. Once you have confirmed their policies to donate complete their forms and submit by email or mail to: Suiting Warriors, 1409 Foulk Road Ste. 201, Wilmington, DE 19803

» Donate a Service. Offering your skills is a great way to support our mission.  Various skills are useful: Computer technology, Electronic Security installation, General Contracting, Event Planning, Videographer for special events, Graphic Designing, IT Support, Marketing, Seamstress and Stylists.

» Donate a non-enterprise satellite location for SW to collect community donations and/or storage.

» Donate a heavy-duty truck and/or truck trailer. Please email us a description.

If you have any additional questions, email:

Here are some fun ways to fundraise for SW!

» Donate a Percentage of Sales

» Hold a Radio-thon

» Collect Consumer Donations at your business location

» Hold a Sporting Event or other Fundraising Activity

It is necessary to receive written approval from SW before engaging in any activity that makes use of the Suiting Warriors brand. Please complete the form below to initiate the request for your fundraising effort.


Our Partners contribute with resources and relationships that support the mission and efforts of Suiting Warriors. 


SW Supporters donate in-kind items such as food for events, courier services, office rental, storage, etc. 


Our sponsors donate to our financial efforts both monetarily and with larger gifts such as cars and trucks.