What type of clothing
do you accept?

All Men’s suits and professional wear are halted until further notice. We collect, current fashion forward interview and professional working attire 2014 or newer in excellent condition. (1)No stains inside or out (check pockets and zipper areas), no holes, snags, or odors. (2)Recently cleaned with no major alterations. *GARMENTS THAT ARE NOT CURRENT STYLES AND EXCELLENT CONDITION WILL BE RE-DONATED OR DISCARDED AND YOUR DONATION FORM IS INVALID.

Men’s Clothing: All men’s suits, sport coats, and trouser donations are halted. We are only accepting ‘New Business Shirts with tags’ at this time. Shirts should be placed in a paper bag or similar to drop off at one of the locations below. No shirts on hangers.

Women’s Clothing: All sizes needed in Wilmington, DE.  NEW or 2014 or newer (like new). Mostly needed: All sizes, especially petite (PT) sizes 2p-18p, and accessories as purses and costume jewelry.  We do not collect shoes. Place all items neatly folded in paper bags.

Collection Locations

HALTING all men’s clothing donations to these locations below through 6/2018. 

1708 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103
+1 (215) 735-4173

503 W. Lancaster Ave. Suite 520, Wayne, PA 19807
+1 (610) 971-3877

4001 Kennett Pike Route 52, Wilmington, DE 19807
+1 (302) 652-4340

474 Route 38 E, Maple Shade, NJ 08052
+1 (856) 667-0060

Suit Donations

At Suiting Warriors, we believe dressing our Veterans to impress creates numerous beneficial outcomes:

It encourages attendance at job fairs.
It stimulates social interaction.
It decreases family separation.
It reduces homelessness and suicide.

This one act of giving can preserve families, bolster communities, and grow the economy at local and national levels. SW dresses both men and women who are U.S. Military Veterans – and their spouses – during Veteran Job Fairs and Career/Resource Fairs in parts of the Mid-Atlantic and Southern states.



Suit Drives are currently halted as we are at storage capacity. To inquiry to hold a Company Suit Drive click below and complete the request for information. The SW Dir. of Communications will contact you to discuss the SW Suit Drive Policy and Procedures. All Suit Drives will need at least four weeks to plan properly.


Two Options: (1)Philadelphia Metro Area, women’s professional wear can be donated on Tuesdays only. 4 locations listed at the bottom of this page. (2) Out of the area donors can ship cleaned, professional women’s wear to SW HQ, 1409 Foulk Road, Ste. 201, Wilmington, DE 19803. No one is available at this location to accept donations in person.

MSU (Mobile Suiting Unit) DONATIONS

Donations to SW at a Veteran SuitUP^ Event are only available during the last ½ hour of a SuitUP^ Event. We appreciate that you do not interrupt a stylist from a veterans private appointment. Print a donation slip from this website and bring it with you to be signed. Please understand, if your garments do not follow the guidelines explained on this page we will not be able to accept them on the MSU.